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This is the hexmap library home page. Hexmap is an object-oriented interface for using hexagonal grids. It's written in C, and uses the GObject object system in Glib version 2.0. It has render backends for both the Gtk+ and SDL libraries.

The most recent release of the source is available as a tarball, or you can get the most current version from CVS. You can also view the API References for the main part of the library, as well as for the Gtk+ and SDL backends, generated with gtk-doc. You can also download all three sets of documentation as gzipped tarballs. Feedback should be posted to one of our mailing lists. All this and more is available on our sourceforge project page.

Also available is Gtk+ and SDL test code, which illustrates some of the features of the library. To compile this code, you also need three xpm images, which are included in this tarball.

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