Hexmap Reference Manual

Table of Contents
Macros — Macros for Determining the Dimensions of a Hex
Directions and Offsets — Finding the Displacements Between Hexes
Image Data — Data Representing Hexagonal Images
Overlays — Multi-Hex Images
HexTile — A Basic Hex Object
HexAnimation — An Animated HexTile
HexObject — A Hex that Reacts to a HexWalker
HexObstacle — A HexObject which blocks entry by a HexWalker
HexWalker — A Hex that Moves on the Grid
HexFollow — A Hex that Follows a HexWalker at a Fixed Offset
Tile Containers
HexList — An Ordered List of HexTile
HexGrid — A Layout Container for a Hexagonal Grid of HexTile