HexObject -- A Hex that Reacts to a HexWalker


#include <hexmap.h>

struct      HexObject;
struct      HexObjectClass;

HexObject*  hex_object_new                  (HexData *image);
struct      HexEvent;

Object Hierarchy


Signal Prototypes

"event"     gboolean    user_function      (HexObject *hexobject,
                                            gpointer arg1,
                                            gpointer user_data);


A HexObject is a HexTile that reacts to the movement of any nearby HexWalker. The HexWalker section on movement has more details on this. It also receives events from HexDisplay.


struct HexObject

struct HexObject;

A hex that reacts to HexWalker

struct HexObjectClass

struct HexObjectClass;

The class structure for HexObject

hex_object_new ()

HexObject*  hex_object_new                  (HexData *image);

create a new HexObject

image :

a HexData

Returns :

the new HexObject

struct HexEvent

struct HexEvent;

An implementation-dependent structure representing a GUI event which happens in a hex.


The "event" signal

gboolean    user_function                  (HexObject *hexobject,
                                            gpointer arg1,
                                            gpointer user_data);

A propagation of HexDisplay::hex-event to any HexObject in the appropriate hex. The HexObject with the highest depth recieves the event first, followed by lower objects. For more detail on which events are transmitted, see HexDisplay::hex-event.

hexobject :

the object which received the signal.

arg1 :

a HexEvent

user_data :

user data set when the signal handler was connected.

Returns :

TRUE to halt event propagation